Gannon Buhr: Huk Lab's First Brand Ambassador

Huk Lab, a pioneering leader in disc golf, proudly announces Gannon Buhr as our official Brand Ambassador.

Known for quality, consistency, and integrity, Huk Lab has always been more than just a brand; we are a mark of distinction and a symbol of authenticity in the disc golf world. Our commitment to excellence and innovation has set us apart, making Huk Lab a known name among disc golf enthusiasts.

Gannon, a rising star with exceptional skills and dedication, embodies our values. His remarkable talent and commitment to the sport make him a great ambassador for Huk Lab. This partnership will elevate the sport of disc golf through exclusive collaborations and new product developments. Gannon's involvement will help us continue to set new standards, inspire the next generation of disc golfers, and bring fresh excitement to the community.

We look forward to an exciting future, working together to advance the game we all love.

Whatever you throw, throw Huk Lab.

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